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Thread: Mouth operated switches
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Oh; for even more fun, the Adaptek Adap2U units (Jim Lubin uses one),
my brother Scott did lots/most of the design on, years ago - As we found
out when Robin tried to use one for a seminar (sadly, it didn't help her
much.  That's why I'm working on the Keydler design, in the long term.)
Not that Scott & I ever talk (Estranged is putting it mildly, his
choice, oh well.)  It's pretty flexible, our main problem was that it's
designed to run with a Herc monitor and a separate desktop computer - so
it's AC bound, though that beats NO computer access, it doesn't solve
the "how do I do embedded computer widgets in my electric wheelchair"
application case!

 If it helps someone, great (Scott's moved on since to other things, I
guess.)  The local rep was willing to lease one for the seminar Robin
used it during, which was nice though nae free <G>


<36D5AD46.87447954@nwlink.com> 7bit

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