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Thread: Mouth operated switches
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Eduardo R. wrote:
>   I would like to interface a PIC based IR decoder application to a Mouth
> operated switch.
>  Does anyone know a link where to find information about this kind of
> switches used by handicapped people. I would like to know if those switches
> give binary coded output or just ON-OFF signal ?
> Best wishes
>                  Eduardo R

 AFAIK they're usually either Sip-n-Puff switches (SPDT I believe),
could be done with a pressure transducer if that's more convenient for
you;  Lots of time Sip-n-Puff is used for morse code for communication
(with different codes for wheelchair control, for example, while

 I imagine some could be pressure switches as well (Bite switches.)
And some people use chin-operated joysticks to "aim" their wheelchairs
(If you knew the woman I am talking about, you'd know why I say she's
aiming her chair <G>

 Robin's taking a nap just now ("zonked") but I can talk to her (she's
good at PT and OT type knowledge.)

 Links I can find in a quick scan of my bookmarks pages:
 http://www.Access-Ability.co.uk/products.html links page;
 http://www.eskimo.com/~jlubin/ has some good pointers also.

 If Robin & I can help, just ask.  We've had lots of practice at doing
the impossible with baling wire, JBWeld, chewing gum, and pet fur <G>


<36D5AB0C.772C9F8E@nwlink.com> 7bit

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