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Thread: OT (Wolfgang Kynast - HTML - JPG's)
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Marc wrote:
> > I realize that some people may
> > have time based charges associated with their internet usage, but my
> > guess is that it is a very small number of users overall.
> Almost all non-US members pay time-based.  I do, too.
> But with me it's fine to post a 63k jpeg.
> I think when someone thinks the file is on-topic (at least as on-topic
> as other postings usually seen here) and cares about bandwidth (for
> example by compressing the file), it's ok.
> After all I subscribed to the list to receive information,
> not to _not_ receive it.

 If someone will help me find a shareware application that'll mutate
.JPGs into .GIFs and so on, I'll put notes to that effect in the
Mini-FAQ, I need to get that done soon, don't I?  (Off-list is fine!)

 Right now I don't even have the capability to take a 64k .jpg from
Robin's digital camera & crop it down to just show part of the photo,
there are times I'd look for a Win 3.x retailware app (I see
applications in local swap meets etc. often enough) but I don't know
what to look for!

 And it's nice to have a shareware/freeware app listed in the FAQ,
perhaps one of us US folks with "unlimited" bandwidth could get set up
and crunch things for those who don't have $300 photo software (If I got
around to installing my scanner or re-installing the Kodak camera
software, maybe I DO have software here, too.  Got the kitchen
wheelchair-accessible for Robin, maybe now I can get some computer work
done without being run over!)

 I'd do it but I'd be awful SLOW at crunching files for people.  Could
have someone throw the files into a web page, optimized for quick
access, be a good solution here?


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