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Thread: PIC programmer via PC
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In addition to:
 Com1:, 0x3F8, IRQ 04          Modem
 Com2:, 0x2F8, IRQ 03          Mouse

 I use:
 Com3:, 0x3E8, IRQ 05          Other device (PicStart Plus etc.)
 Com4:, 0x2E8, IRQ 02 (i.e. IRQ09)     rather rarely

 Some VGA cards REALLY don't like COM4 using IRQ02/09 much, so mainly I
use just 3 COM ports.

 LPT1:, 0x378, IRQ 07  (Some machines use 0x3BC here)
 LPT2:, 0x278, IRQ 05  (Cannot use with above Com3 mapping!!) on a few
machines (Print servers, mainly.)

 I try to standardize all machines - sometimes swap Com1: and Com3:
gets the modem, ONLY when most convenient for me (and I use "1 machine,
1 task") - not ideal, but try - just TRY - to put an ISA card for a Gang
EPRom programmer, a PicStart Plus, a Needham's EMP-20, a sound card, a
PCMCIA interface, extra serial ports, a SCSI card, a NIC, etc. etc. all
in one machine & get it all to work reliably (Just easier to go
multi-machine & turn the ones I'm not using off when not using them for
days on end.)  Especially now that "modern" machines have only 1 or 2
ISA slots, and all my goodies are ISA (like the debugging cards I have,
both ISA.)  Some day USB may save my sanity <G>  I keep notes on each
machine on where what is, so powering it up will clarify things (Tend to
archive all those notes to the file server, too!)  And I'll tell ya,
standardizing on only a few brands of NICs, Video cards, and so on sure

 (And as Robin's Pentium has no LPT port due to second sound card so
she can use Dragon Dictate, and she needs multiple printers to make MY
life easier, I do need print servers <G>  Need to get 'em all working
right though!)


Wilson Tam wrote:
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<36D075C2.3EA8BA68@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devprogs.htm?key=programmer
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