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Thread: OLD CDROM reader & PIC
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cacciavitespamBeGonespamBIGFOOT.COM wrote:
> Ciao PIC'er friend,
> I have a question to ask to this community; anyone have idea about the type
> of interface needed to build to permit the use of older 2X or 4X CDROM
> reader for play musical CDROM, without the PC??
> It seems a crazy idea??
> Grazie  for your suggestion.
> Ciao
> Leo

 Wearnes (English Co.?) used to make a 2x CD-Rom drive that was ATAPI
(IDE) compatible, which had a Play & Pause/Stop buttons.  No PIC
required.  My first 486 box ended up with one, I liked it but ended up
upgrading to a 4x Hitachi eventually, and using a CD player to play
music.  I've seen a few other CD-Rom drives with similar button
controls, don't recall the names (including some newer faster drives,
BTW.)  Check at your local swap meet, & ask a couple friends to watch
for you, maybe?

 OTOH, your Sony Walkman type CD players play Music CD's just fine,
usually, as well, and can possibly be found cheaper & easier, provided
you aren't needing to seek the music tracks on a CD-Rom but are just
playing a CD!


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