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Thread: Palm Pilot Vs Cassiopeia
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Jason Van Dellen wrote:
> <snipped>
> What do the smartest minds of the world think?
> Jason

 Flattery will get you at least ONE answer <G>

 I've used the Palm Pilot Pro, I really liked it & found Graffiti quite
usable once learned (3-4 days.)  If you get one, do get a spare stylus,
and look into screen covers <G>  I let the store have it back though, as
it just didn't meet some of my needs - so now I'm doing it all on an IBM
PC110 (palmtop 486sx33, 20 Mb RAM), so go figure <G>  (I'm not
interested in WinCE much, the PC110 lets me just do it all under Dos on
a 640x480 DSTN LCD screen, and I can store my huge text files easily.
And it's not much heavier than a PPPro, maybe twice the size/weight -
and it's a Dos/Linux/Win3.11/Win95 bootable computer, just swap PCMCIA
BOOT drives or use multi-boot <G>.  What I need, that the PPPro wouldn't
do for me, was carry 10Mb+ of text databases.  Still considering buying
a PPPro for it's dolist/scheduling, though, for myself!  And I can
compile C/ASM and PIC code, while on the road, now - NICE.)

 My best bet here:  Figure out by borrowing/renting one, or buying one
from a store that offers a 30-day buy-back guarantee, if it meets *your*
needs and wants and so on.  Tastes and needs vary so widely - and we
don't know your needs and wants - so that IMHO we'd be guessing wildly
or telling you our personal tastes, more than telling you what's right
for you.


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