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Thread: [FYI/OT]: Y2K Compliance
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Heinz Czychun wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> At 2:40 AM 2/20/99, Mark Willis wrote:
> <big snip>
> >  Myself, I've had 2 power failures here this year so far, (Backhoe cut
> >a power cable - no power for 8 hours, and wind-blown tree - no power for
> >5-6 hours.)  I'm getting a generator, not for Y2K, but so I don't have
> >to sit in the dark, unable to get on the Internet, next time.
> Or if you can wait, as a big hydro (electric utility) mucky-muck here
> suggested, wait 'til after 2000, and buy one in the spring/summer yard
> sales.
> >If I don't use the generator here, I'll use it camping, to recharge Robin's
> >power wheelchair <G>
> >

 Definitely a good idea - BUT - I have to point out something I feel
you've perhaps overlooked here.  Don't want to be redundant, BUT:

 I can guess that you've never worn Birkenstocks, while living & while
out camping, in a long-term relationship with a stubborn woman who has a
power wheelchair - and who knows how to AIM, er, drive, it <G>

 Lots of possibility for crunched toes (I still swear her older manual
tried to eat my left little toe, once <G>  Had me hobbling for months.)
And her power chair is about the fastest electric wheelchair I've ever
seen (Wheel-spinning startups, Fast run type speeds, 15 miles or so
range.  I cannot outrun THAT, all day.  I HATE being "Benched" all day,
ya know?)  Some day I may get into those control electronics and install
a wireless remote safety switch, then I can get away with most anything

 Robin's a camping FIEND, we first met on a camping trip (I was her
ride), while I could wait for a generator, her chair cannot wait...  And
don't suggest solar to her, she likes to run nature trails during the
day <G>  Hard for her to drive, with ~ 120 square feet of solar array

 I'm thinking of buying a backup or larger generator in March 2000,
indeed <G>


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