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Thread: PCB software
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So far a quick AltaVista search sez it's probably from SeeTrax CAE of
the UK.  I suggest looking off ftp://ftp.tu-chemnitz.de/pub/firmen/TCC/
as the german distributor (That FTP site will come up for me just now,
when I access it via FTP - but not HTTP, though.)  And I'm not sure
where off there to look.

>From http://www.fi.uib.no/~bruce/eda1.htm#see:

Seetrax CAE
Hinton Daubnay House
Broadway Lane
United Kingdom


+44 1705 591037 Phone
+44 1705 599036 Fax

German dealer:

GAMMA-Elektronik Chemnitz GmbH
Bernsdorfer Stra§e 210 - 212
D-09126 Chemnitz

+49 371 5221-211 Phone
+49 371 5221-212 Fax

 (Be warned: the above HTTP type URL doesn't match reality very well,
folks!  <G>)

 Hoping that my ISP fixes their problem tonight (They issued a note
that it'd be down from 4AM to 8AM or something, but it's only 3AM


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