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Thread: [FYI/OT]: Y2K Compliance
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I figure the Y2K thing out this way - while in college, a friend in
Business school told me that (at that time) the average Corporate Exec
is jobless for an average of 2 years, twice in their career (something
like that - it's been years, but the numbers were sorta shockingly

 So, MY personal take is that it's a GOOD idea (particularly if you
chose to bring kids into this world, but even without!) to be as
self-sufficient as you CAN, to a point;  granted we can never really be
completely self-sufficient, but when you combine the facts:

 You can be laid off without warning, and it can take a while to get
another job.

 Sudden storms could keep you from getting to the store (As could a
broken vehicle, for some of us at least.)

 You could have a child, as did one friend, who requires extensive
medical intervention in order to save their life - happens all too
often.  He spent all his savings, but he now has a healthy, happy

 You could get hurt, sick, or disabled without warning (Having been in
a Search and Rescue group, and having seen too many searches where
someone disappeared without a trace - and whose life insurance won't pay
for something like 7 years after they disappear, until they're assumed
dead, that's not a nice thing to do to one's wife & family, folks.  Or -
you can have a loved one get hurt/disabled so you are "stuck" caring for
a disabled loved one, MY burden, by choice - that can sure make it hard
to work those 74 hour work weeks!)

 I live in Seattle (Boeing "crashes" on occasion, like all Aerospace
companies, I remember the "will the last person leaving Seattle, please
turn out the lights" signs, from years ago.)

 Natural disasters & strikes & other Emergencies happen, too - the
local grocery store I have usually been going to, cannot even without a
natural disaster, keep Milk or some other foods completely reliably on
their shelves.  (Really bugs me, too.)  In case of a major natural
disaster, major terrorism, or a state-wide trucking strike, you can
basically BET that they'll run out of goodies - I'm expecting they'll
run out sporadically this coming November and December, from people
getting nervous.  (Heck, they ran out somewhat THIS year during the
holidays, on some items - higher demand than supply.  If people are
getting antsy, I expect it'll be worse!)

 Some people are going to get nervous, and stock up at the last minute
- if the store you go to is out of food, what do you eat?

 Go talk to your local Red Cross and/or Emergency Services people - ask
them what THEY suggest (They'll be there to help is there's a disaster -
and they'll tell you to your face what THEY would like to see everyone
do.  They hand out paperwork with suggested lists, too.)

 If everyone in the USA had a 1 month supply of something reasonable to
eat (Something you normally eat - rotate it and make it a habit, just
stock more than usual) - and a natural disaster occurs, but the Red
Cross and Emergency Services people could focus all their energy on
rescuing people who're injured or trapped - spending no resources in
those critical first days, on feeding anyone, as everyone's handled! -
it would save a number of lives, folks.  I'd suggest stockpiling an
extra month's medications, too, as your local pharmacy is not guaranteed
to be open in case of a disaster.

 If Joe Engineer's company is bought out by another company & they lay
him off, but he has a month's supply of food, he can know his babies
will eat - and spend the income he has coming in, on the house payment
and on finding another job - and the experience would be a LOT less

 If Jacine, Engineering Manager, quits her job to get away from stupid
company politics, she could easier wait for the RIGHT job she wants,
instead of taking the first job offer that pops up, because her bank
account's empty & the bank's talking reposessing her house...

 If your family in another state gets their house wiped out by a flood,
and you can easily feed them for a month from your reserves, doesn't it
make it easier to help them recover from that disaster?

 Who cares if the CAUSE of the natural disaster, is the Y2K problem?  I
can go show you places here in WA state where people have had their
houses flooded, mudslided, etc. etc. and you all have seen it happen
there as well.  Y2K is a MAYBE, natural disasters (Earthquake,
hurricane, twister, flood) and personal disasters - THOSE, we can all be
darn sure we're going to have inflicted upon us, to me it's the same
logic as wearing safety goggles (A little inconvenience can make a lot
better future.)

 Myself, I've had 2 power failures here this year so far, (Backhoe cut
a power cable - no power for 8 hours, and wind-blown tree - no power for
5-6 hours.)  I'm getting a generator, not for Y2K, but so I don't have
to sit in the dark, unable to get on the Internet, next time.  If I
don't use the generator here, I'll use it camping, to recharge Robin's
power wheelchair <G>

 Definitely some people go bonkers on the subject - of Y2K or anything
else (None of us, wax eloquent over the advantages of PICs over 7400
series logic <EG>)  Take the truth that's there, and refuse to be
baffled with the bullshit, same as when reading any sales literature <G>


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