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Thread: RS232 communication blew up my computer...
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The benches in my high school electronics lab were all nicely solidly
grounded, METAL benches underneath, so this thought makes me shudder
<G>  You can bet we got into the habit of not touching anything while it
was live (to make it worse, I'm tall enough that I was almost always
squeezed in against the metal underside of the bench.)  Birds on a wire
aside, you're safest if you assume you're grounded & be accordingly
PARANOID.  It's not that those electrons are out to get you - it's that
they just don't care whether they kill you or let you live.  (And yep,
I've worked on live HV, but I try not to, and make sure I PAY ATTENTION
to what I'm doing - I cherish my life, among others <G>)

 Mark, any benches I buy WON'T be hard grounded, 1 Meg is GOOD <G>

Sean Breheny wrote:
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<36CA7E52.FF2C57A9@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/serials.htm?key=rs232
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