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Thread: LCD modules, why does CONTRAST need to be adjustable?
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On my PC110 (Small DSTN LCD screen) I find I *have* to change contrast
quite a LOT, temperature changes the contrast a lot.

 I like the PTC Thermistor idea, these have an FN-key driven contrast
voltage, though (Might be able to dig in there & fix it.)

 When I do CAD work on mine, it really changes where the contrast has
to be set a LOT, and as the screen warms up from suspend I have to
change it more to see the background grid.  An annoyance, BUT, it IS
nice to be able to do CAD work on a palmtop while on a bus or waiting
for a ride - or to look up & modify a schematic while buying parts to
prototype a project with!  All in all, I'm pretty addicted <G>


Tony Nixon wrote:
> The only problem I've seen with LCD's in automotive environments, is if
> the sun shines directly on the display, it turns black and after a while
> stays that way.
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> Best regards
> Tony

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Subject (change) LCD modules, why does CONTRAST need to be adjustable?

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