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Thread: Problems with working 1684 Programmer on new Machine (Too Fast ?)
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> Brett Paulin wrote:
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> And a solution would be really nice too.. (Of course). B-)
> Thanks muchly.
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 My solution remains using an old 386 or 486 to program PICs and EPRoms
<G>  You can put the whole machine together for about $100 or so, if you
don't already have one;  And add a cheap monitor switch and you don't
even have to buy another monitor.  (Or use an older slower laptop, which
can work pretty well too.)

 (It's scary the number of spare old machines I have here, from an
embedded project that didn't "Go" due to the startup's having problems;
Anyone want an old AST 286?  or an old Compaq 386 laptop?  <G>)

 I figure I'll use them until they die, then take another spare out of
storage, then I can program while doing something else (Always needed,


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Subject (change) Problems with working 1684 Programmer on new Machine (Too Fast ?)

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