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dave vanhorn wrote:
> >
> >  (And thanks for the info, I haven't done first aid classes for a while
> >but that caveat is a good idea - though I try not to encounter accidents
> ><G>)
> >
> >  Mark
> You can imagine the result, deploying with a full med kit on top.
> Not good.

 Yup, too true!  I've been joking with another anti-UBE volunteer (i.e.
Anti-SPAM) about making a SPAM cannon, to launch cans of SPAM at
SPAMmers, similar pain levels here only with a heavier projectile, and a
far less deserving "target" downrange...  Probably similar "muzzle"
velocities, too.  That'd add injury AND insult, to injury...

 Mark, "Let's not and say we didn't."

<36C36ED2.2167FA97@nwlink.com> 7bit

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