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dave vanhorn wrote:
> Being a first responder, I can tell you that there is a real concern, and
> several incidents have happened already, that the airbags don't always
> deploy in a crash, but will deploy afterward, during the time you are
> working on a patient. They tell you loud long and often to watch where you
> set your gear in the car, because the airbags can trigger and shove your
> gear into someone's face.

 Too bad there's not a safety pin of any kind on there (If you've
looked at or worked on military aircraft, you know that ejection seats
ALWAYS have safety pins to prevent accidental firings, for similar
reasons.)  A fuse that safety crews could remove with a special tool
would make a lot of sense to me, were I a car designer.  (Said fuse to
just power the airbags, period.)  That'd be an improvement.  Could be
that a pin that would force a knife to cut the airbag into ribbons would
be an alternative, but good luck implementing that.  Probably only
lawsuits will get the manufacturers' attention, sadly.

 (And thanks for the info, I haven't done first aid classes for a while
but that caveat is a good idea - though I try not to encounter accidents


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