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Thread: Higher-level languages
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dave vanhorn wrote:
> >        Yes!!!  Visual COBOL!  Instead of the cryptic c=a*b, we could use
> >"multiply a by b giving c"!
> >
> >Harold
> what's with this "compressed Vcobol?"
> Multiply the variable called A by the variable called B and place the
> result in a new,
> uninitialized variable called C, allocating suficient space to store the
> result.

 Dang, people.

 Now I'm going to have Cobol and PL/I nightmares tonight.  With
occasional visits from JOVIAL and the 4k page size of IBM 4831

 Thanks a LOT, folks!  <G>


<36C1E830.752F61D9@nwlink.com> 7bit

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