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Thread: PIC 16F84 overclocking
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In building embedded system RTOS's {Real Time OS's} for safety
avionics, you will ALWAYS (AFAIK) see a bunch of routines in there that
specifically test each and every opcode the processor has, the real-time
OS will schedule these one after another "in the background", so only
one to ten opcodes get tested every "timeslice", but all get tested
inside of a second or so <g>  (Details depend on system design, of
course!)  You also do things like checksumming system ROM and re-testing
that checksum, a chunk at a time, testing address lines for
shorts/opens, etc. etc.  This might be a good way to more thoroughly
test here for overclocking - also, adding a heat sink would probably be
a good way to improve overclocked characteristics of a PIC (I've heard
from my Microchip FAE about someone running a 20 MHz chip at 50 MHz
IIRC, with a *good* heat sink.)  Thermal grease would be good, too, if
messy on a /JW part! <G>

 Speed isn't always king, IMHO, but overclocking isn't evil either


Sam Laur wrote:
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/time.htm?key=clock
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