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Thread: Telephone use & time calculation
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Someone suggested watching for a short reversed-voltage pulse when you
connect to the other party, that or a short time (1/2 second?) after you
finish dialing would be good times to start the timer.  Stop the timer
when the telephone is hung up, and call it good, is about all I can
suggest (Unless you can get the telephone company there to suggest
something better, I get the impression that's the best we can figure

 Part of the reason is that, here in the US, we're not charged for
local calls, just LD calls.  It doesn't take THAT long to dial, so if
you just "charge" your brother for the time including dialing time,
it'll motivate him to dial fast?  <G>  I'm sure he'll hang up quickly
after the conversation is finished...

 (It's a complex situation - you cannot listen for the last dial tone
in a X second window, as it's possible to spend an hour on the phone
playing "touch tone tunes" - if LD it'd all be charged time.  And you
can mix "Tone" and "Pulse" dialing and some (not necessarily all)
central switch offices will accept that mix (One friend does something
like this, his box stops someone from dialing a pulse {for 1}, followed
by area code & number if you have LD dialing disabled.  Some people get


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