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Thread: Is MER the PROBLEM?
face BY : Mark Willis email (remove spam text)

If you look at their headers, they're posting from netkonnect.net,
personally I am starting to suspect repeated SPAM here.  If I set up an
auto-responder to tell someone to unsubscribe me, I would not set that
auto-responder to *post an ad to that list*, repeatedly, folks...  They
could at least stop sending the damn auto-bounce and help Jory figure
out how they're getting PICList messages.

 BTW: Jory says the misconfiguration is solved, apparently.  So should
see no more bounce problems, I hope!


Thomas McGahee wrote:
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<36B8B446.C639D76B@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=mer+problem
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