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Harrison Cooper wrote:
> my my, and nobody has mentioned the good ol TRS-80 Model I.  In fact, still
> have the one I played with that my dad brought home one day.  Oh...seems
> that he was having some problems with the TRS-DOS and the BASIC on it, so he
> found the place that wrote some of the software.  Small company in
> Washington.  Talked to this guy named Bill....
> Final config of the machine was four 5-1/4 floppys, expansion interface, a
> REAL centronics printer, modem and a FORTRAN compiler.

 ...  And, as a free bonus, it would sometimes over-write one of those
4 floppys, if you had a power glitch (Model I level III that a Search
and Rescue group I was in, was kept on a local air force base, to do the
computer work for their Search section;  they had horrible awful
problems as they wouldn't budget a UPS for the machine.  Seems the
industrial motors (engine start carts, maybe?) were causing problems -
Ewww.  I'd moved out of state at the time, fortunately <G>)

 I'd forgotten that, fortunately, until I read this <G>

 Mark, 40/Kent, WA, KILLspammwillisspam_OUTspamspamBeGonenwlink.com

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