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Thread: Wire Wrapping
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Sean Breheny wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently have seen quite a bit of talk about wire wrapping and I have a
> very basic question about it: why do people like it as a prototyping
> technique?
> <snipped>

 For several reasons, I use wire-wrap:

 I have kitties here.  Breadboards + little clawed paws = loose wires
all over the floor.  (See also "rough handling" <G>)

 Wirewrap's cheaper, more permanent and can be left in place easier
(Price a piece of perfboard vs. a solderless breadboard.)

 It's not a problem for slower logic circuits etc. (In some ways, it's
a real advantage to prototype/test/debug a circuit on wire-wrap or
breadboard - if you get it working right there, then re-do the
production circuit in PC board, you're going to have already solved most
all problems that might occur - and most stuff I've been doing is Serial
or Parallel port connected projects so not RF speed.  I agree on RF not
being optimal for wire-wrap unless you REALLY plan it out in advance.  I
try to minimize wire runs as best I can, anyways.)

 It's a lot easier, for prototyping purposes, to cut pieces of
perfboard out of my way to make a weird connector, a tab of a
transformer, or whatever, fit - if you have a transformer or the like
loose off a breadboard, it can break free easily.  Moto-tool or nibbler
are wonderful tools, also an X-Acto knife or scalpel work well for
shaving holes larger.

 Mark, spam_OUTmwillisEraseMEspamnwlink.com, Kent, WA

<36B4ADC6.F0839EE1@nwlink.com> 7bit

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