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Thread: Custom LCD panel
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You wrote:

>So, are there any designers out there (preferably based in Australia,
>but open to other options) who can design/construct a PCB and machined
>front panel and provide us with completed, tested units? We're looking
>at 10 units initially, hopefully getting up to 50 throughout the year.
>Any information/advice would be appreciated.

Brian -

My company does products like this all the time.  We do it both for our
own products which are sold worldwide, and as subcontract jobs.  We are
in the US, but we work with a distributor down under, so I'm certain that
wouldn't be a problem.  I'll take your message to work tomorrow and have
someone contact you about arranging to make a quote.

Don Burdette
Senior Engineer
TEK Industries, Inc.
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