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Thread: wanted: custom LCD front panel design for PC
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Hi PIC people,

We are designing a custom product involving a rack-mount industrial PC.
We would like to mount a 2x16 character VFD, such as :


in a 5.25" drive bay, much like :


but we also need 4 pushbuttons beside the display for menu navigation
purposes, and the whole thing strapped to the PC via the serial port.
It's the perfect thing for a PIC chip.

So, are there any designers out there (preferably based in Australia,
but open to other options) who can design/construct a PCB and machined
front panel and provide us with completed, tested units? We're looking
at 10 units initially, hopefully getting up to 50 throughout the year.

Any information/advice would be appreciated.

Brian Murray
Director of R & D
Proximity Pty Ltd

Brian Murray      Proximity Pty Ltd


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