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Thread: creative ways to surface mount
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On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Steve Tomes wrote:

> I have gone almost completely to surface mount but still looking for
> inexpensive ways to implement component mounting....I now use bobbie pins
> and a very fine low wattage tip.....
> looking for other ideas??????????

Make yourself a correct flux/solder powder recipe, get the curing time
right (the flux has to dry before you heat so it does not boil under the
parts), and then use a 400 Watt handheld blower with a wide nozzle to
preheat and then flow the whole (small) board (I do this all the time but
BEWARE - I've been at it for ~8 years ! It won't work the 1st 20 times).

For the faint at heart use a grill oven (~2000Watt IR type, with door -
breadbox style), and a Teflon foil to put the board on and establish a
temperature profile that will get you there (many trials). Later you can
make a timer clock that will make you the temperature profile (including
flux curing) and ding at the end. This one is a project that has been on
my wish list for about 5 years. I'll probably use a washing machine drum
timer and not a PIC for this ;).

The blower is fast, I also use it for reworking, BUT it requires
experience. Otherwise you will be looking for 2010's on the carpet,
forever ;)



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