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Thread: Power Line detecting [OT]
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On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Richard Parsons wrote:

> Hi there all
> a bit of a question, who knows how to detect high voltage AC power lines (over
head ones) from 30meters and above? I need to know when I am near one and have e
nough time to react.

A ferrite antenna wound with as much wire as you can fit on it followed by
an active notch filter at 50 (or 60) Hz will do that. The antenna bar is
to be vertical of course.

hope this helps,


PS: Do you approach it from front, below, or above ? ;) BTW the method
above only works with an energized line, as opposed to un-energized ones,
knowing that both kinds are very good at downing choppers, aircraft and
tall cranes. For non-energized ones, a modified doppler alarm unit might

You get to know your vehicle speed somehow and expect the LF from the
alarm to relate to that speed (knowing the frequency of the microwaves
used) if you are approaching something metallic dead on. Two or more units
can be combined to give a kind of 'array' that will tell you more.

Doppler alarms are known to work from 10 meters and more against a solid
metal target if the amplifier is tweaked a little bit.


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