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Thread: PIC Whistle?
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On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Matt Bonner wrote:

> I heard on the radio today that the official whistle maker for the NHL,
> NFL, and NBA is marketing a new whistle that will "stop the clock".
> Perfect application for an 8 pin PIC.
> Recently we've been seeing list requests for low pressure sensors and
> low power transmitters - 'fess up whistle makers: *is* there a PIC in
> these things?  Another product ripe for reverse engineering - imagine
> the havoc of a few disgruntled fans stopping the clock whenever the tide
> was turning against their team. ;-)

I know nothing about sports but I know that a condenser mike built into
the whistle supplies enough signal to drive a PIC pin and that those
ubiquitous wireless digital modules are getting smaller all the time...
ditto Lithium 3V 'pills'.

hope this helps, ;)



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