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Thread: Electroluminescent panel power controller.
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I want to design a low cost Electroluminescent panel drive (Output is 280
VAC @ 450Hz and 6Watts. Input power available is at 12V). I am considering a
PIC12C508 with 2 of the I/O pins providing an anti-phase drive (at say
100Khz) to a pair of mosfets. The mosfets are arranged to push-pull a center
tapped ferrite transformer with the center tap connected to +12V. The
secondary of the transformer will be full wave rectified and smoothed to
provide a 280VDC supply. Another output  of the 12C508 will drive a
transistor switch alternately to the 280V rail and then to 0V rail  at the
required 450Hz. This 280V square wave will be fed to the panel via a
coupling capacitor.

My problem is that I don't know where to start with selection / design of
the transformer. Can I design it myself or am I likely to find an off the
shelf item to do the job? Anyone got any leads on ferrite transformer

Thanks in advance,

Gerry Cox.
Dorset U.K.


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