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Thread: driving VCR motors
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Be careful, it may or may not be a motor and it may or may not have Hall
sensors for feedback. Drum motors were actually Foucault brakes once, with
a belt driving them through a slip clutch in old U-matci and VHS machines
at least (and also some Beta ?).

Then there were drum motors that were biphase motors (sin-cos) with no
feedback Hall sensors, then there were biphase and triphase motors with
Hall sensors, and then again triphase, without, which is the current level
for small camcorders and VCRs. VHS is usually still at the three phase and
three Hall bridge level.

You will need to identify the wires carefully and use some logic.
Triphases are star-wound (thus, four wires out), and biphases also have 4
wires out but the no. of coils does not divide by 3 and there are 2
separate coils accessible.

success !



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