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Thread: driving VCR motors
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On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Andy Kunz wrote:

> >wired like a stepping motor with about 5 phases, but the motor reaches
> >a much higher rpm than a stepping motor. I am looking for more
> >information on this type of motor. I would like to drive this with a
> >pic and some mosfets but I am not sure how.
> Very simple.  This is a "brushless" motor.  You should be able to find
> information on the basics to control it from a lot of sources on the web.
> You may also be able to use standard stepper-motor logic wihtout a problem.

Actually ALL VCR brushless motors are 3-phase, with some really oldies
being 2-phase. They do however have more than one coil per phase. The
reason is that the drive electronics are cheaper in sixies than in
eightsies, of course, not to mention pin counts on the drivers.

They can be driven with nearly everything, including selsine outputs
(rectified phases of course) and manual multipole switches but for speed
one must produce a sine waveform.

I used a specific driver chip from Sanyo to drive such a beast. I think it
was a LA1610 or 1620. The schematic is simple, I'll find it and post it if
required. It uses 3 phases and 3 Hall bridges. The driver is available as
a VCR spare part (or was) in onesies.



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