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Thread: Object Speed Counting in sunlight.
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On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, Mike Chaloupka wrote:

> Thanks Peter for the tip.  Any suggest regarding the light source.  I
> though of using an EGG laser diode / receiver but total component cost
> are toooo high.

A parlight is a parlight. Made by GE, available through any party/show
lighting supply.

> Regarding the photoresistor - any particular kind?

I used plain CdS photocells (the uncased version - a disc with 2 terminals
protruding on the back).

> Did I mention the projectile my be travelling upto 100mph and has a
> width 4-5 inch circular & 19 inch long...

No you did not. This may be a problem... My pipe organ had 2/3 tubes so
it's up to you to calculate how long they will be obscured / lighted,
each, at 100 mph and make sure that your electronics will be up to the

Makes me wonder what you're counting ?!



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