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On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Harold Hallikainen wrote:

>         I like the technical terms such as "computer connection parts",
> which certainly gives me a sense of validity of the message!  Also,
> saying Microsoft and AOL said something without giving a direct quote and
> the URL of the message from Microsoft or AOL further makes the claim look
> suspect.
>         Why do people start these things?

Why because it's such fun to see all those people busying themselves to
answer / contradict / confirm / explain it all over again. It is one of
the most successfull and long-lasting trolls available on the Internet
imnvwiho ;)


PS: imnvwiho == in my not very well informed humble opinion

PS2: I hope that "computer connection parts" does not actually refer to
someone's flash BIOS, just in case. Ouch.


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