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Thread: sin function
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On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Scott Dattalo wrote:

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I will.

> > Is there any data available on Mr. Bresenham, the person ? Web searches
> > yielded nothing interesting. Who owns these algorythms anyway ?
> I did a search and got only a few hits. Are you sure this is how
> Bresenham is spelled?

That and his genius are the only 2 things I am certain of about him. His
circle algorythm is described in at least one Sedgewick algorythm book,
you should be able to get it somewhere near you (I've no idea where you
are vs. libraries/bookstores).

BTW nearly all fast & small (as in: embedded, small footprint, etc)
graphics libraries use his algorythms, or so I'm told.



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