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Thread: High gauss magnetic material
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On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, STEVE TOMES wrote:

>       I am curently working with high gauss miniature magnets.....
>       I know that they can destroy a hard drive and floppy disk..but how
> do they effect a pic...and eprom????  Can they be shielded as you       would
> shild an RF design??  Also would they create a problem in       close
> proximity to a Switcher type circuit?

A sufficiently high gauss magnet can induce enough voltage in a simple
wire to disturb attached circuits, if it moves fast enough against it (for
example while flying towards a magnetic metal part on an operating P.C.B.

The newer magnets are capable to generate voltages in excess of 1V when
moved by hand over a single conductor (use a scope as read-out and a sheet
of transparency to put the wire under, and slide the magnet over).

Strong magnets can move a loaded ferrite core into saturation and reduce
or upset switchers but this requires quite close proximity.

Shielding static magnetic fields completely is hopeless, but they can be
reduced to amounts tolerable by equipment using a set of shields to form
a magnetic circuit (and essentially move a high-field gap away from



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