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Thread: Question about measuring Temperature
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On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Nigel Orr wrote:

> Does anyone here have any experience in measuring oven temperatures- 140 to
> 240 deg C?  I fancy putting together a little PIC-based oven thermometer- I
> can see that the PIC will have to be outside, but I can't think of suitable
> cable/terminations/sensor combinations.  I'm guessing any form of soldering
> is out, and crimps are in, and the ideal way would probably be a bimetallic

Crimps are out unless it's a professionally chosen combination, they
oxydize inside and the different dilation etc will work them loose within
weeks or months. Look into spot welding.

> type thermocouple, but there don't seem to be any in the usual UK sources
> (Maplin, Farnell, RS).  Cables seem to be available rated to about 200C,
> nothing to 240-  Any advice?  Is this doable?

I think that teflon coax is rated to 400 degrees ?

Instead of a thermocouple, a RTD seems to be in order. I got the idea from
a previous set of messages on the list and have meanwhile played with some
nichrome (?) resistor wire coils in empty ceramic resistor bodies. It
works pretty well.



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