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On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Russell McMahon wrote:

> From: Peter L. Peres <EraseMEplpSTOPspamspamACTCOM.CO.IL>
> >Very very very old oil is better known as coal, the best kind of it
> there
> >is. Not all coal is formed like that however.
> Coal can, I am informed,
> (although my scientific training is not in this area :-)),
> be made from common or garden bio-mass in a matter of months, given
> proper conditions.

It can be made in about the time required to partially burn and dehydrate
it in a charcoal kiln, which is about 2-3 days for green mass. This yields
low grade charcoal which has nothing at all in common with anthracite (or
coke). Charcoal from green mass is also full of sulphur and other
ingredients which make it a very bad choice for industrial use.

> I am also informed that these conditions are "geologically
> reasonable".

Ok, if a piece of jungle the size of Pennsylvania (?) would disappear
within hours under lava and ash rain it might work out that way. It would
also yield charcoal full of sulphur and other undesirable stuff which may
take a couple of thousand years to percolate out or be otherwise separated
from the hydrocarbons. Otherwise, lay back and wait for a few tens of
thousands of years, at least, for nice clean oil, coal & gas.



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