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Thread: Talking about cell phones...
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On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Quentin wrote:

> Any truth in the rumour that cell phones can corrupt eproms?
> I always have my digital cell phone in the area where I work on my PICs.
> No problems yet (well not that I know of).
> But I ask just to be safe.

Purely theoretically speaking, if you attach lambda/4 wires to the proper
pins of an EPROM and manage to get the phasing right between them then a
nearby (10 cm) GSM phone should be able to induce enough energy in them to
corrupt some cells (if running on a high Tx power setting). It takes MUCH
less than 0.6W to reprogram an EEPROM bit or word, and the 0.6W is average
power where pulsed power is higher.



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