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Thread: How to Stop cellular phones ?
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Mmh. That thing I did that detects cellular phone's radiation to mute the
radio could be adapted to cut the ECU out and actuate the air brakes
simultaneoulsy ;) Perhaps also the airbags, just to get the message
through ;) ;)

Really, I think that people should realize that talking on a cellular in a
car full of electronics while driving is a pretty bad idea. Think of the
interdiction to do that in a plane and you'll know why. Nothing will
happen for most people but I can quite see an overland truck's custom
modified electronics starting to act strange at 120 km/h when the driver
picks up his cellular to talk on a busy road.

I am sure that the manufacturers have thought of it, but nevertheless,
I'll try to run a 100W ham Tx in an older car with CAN bus some day ;)
Wonder what happens when the transmatch is de-tuned towards 2:1 <G>.

If the government(s) would get serious about this, they could make such a
detector device mandatory in a car, just like the airbag. If you use a
handsfree set, the antenna is outside, you're ok. You try to use the
cellular inside, you get a warning, then the engine quits, or something
like that. Now, how do you handle VIPs celling from the back seat, cab
fares and more ? There is the question, to PIC or not to PIC.

This is a PIC project imho, as it requires some analysis of the raw pulses
recovered by the receiver (no, it does not read the data stream, just
makes sure that the amplitude, duration and frequency of a Tx burst is
about right for cellular service Tx). I used a simple monostable (missing
pulse detector) then but this can be improved (read: PICed).



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