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Thread: How to Stop cellular phones ?
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On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Brian Striggow wrote:

> Drifting slightly off track--
> When i worked at a hospital as a medic, we couldn't resist X-raying all
> manner of inappropriate objects, including our portable radios.  This
> really irritated the guys at the radio shop, who insisted that you could
> ruin a radio with X-rays.  I was skeptical (empirically, we never ruined
> one), but with our recent discussions on eprom erasure, I got to
> wondering ---

The worst thing you can do is take a semiconductor-based device, power it,
and expose it to radiation while operating. Each and every junction in the
device is a potential short circuit, and some transistors and chips can be
turned into Thyristors between Vdd and GND by a properly (?) placed quanta
or two. If there is no fuse and the battery is strong enough this can
physically destroy the device on the spot.

> Could X-rays erase an eprom??  I note in my spectral chart that x-rays
> are the next step up in energy from UV.

X-rays will erase an EPROM but it is easy to over-do it and erase a few
junctions in the chip too. I don't know how. I knew someone who had a
radiologist friend place a 'full' EPROM below an X ray table (taped to it
from the underside of the drawer I think) and leave it there for a busy
day. The EPROM was quite dead after that.



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