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Thread: How to Stop cellular phones ?
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On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, John Payson wrote:

> [1] While there may be some specific places in a hospital where
>     the RF from a cell phone could be problematical, there's no
>     reason IMHO for a general prohibition within the entire build-
>     ing unless the hospital seeks to make money off its own phone
>     services.

a) It does seek to make money
b) People find it very annoying
c) You can never know whether there isn't a dying man behind the wall
you're leaning against while talking sotto voce.

> [2] A cell cite designed specifically to serve the hospital would
>     allow cell phones (and the site itself) to operate at their min-
>     imum power level.

There is no guarantee for this. RF levels inside a modern steel/concrete
building full of pipes and wires can jump as much as 55 dB from spot to
spot. If a fade-out occurs at your end while walking around and talking
the cellular's Tx power goes full tilt at the same moment or within a very
short time. I can feel mine go 'cold warm' against my ear when this
happens to me.

> [3] Many restaurants and (esp.) theaters have prohibitions against
>     cell phones for a reason entirely unrelated to RFI: the things
>     can be really annoying to others when they go off.  Courtesy,
>     though, is the main factor and legislating courtesy really does
>     not work very well.

I aggree fully. However, people who are on the listen all the time and go
to such places, purchase pocket vibrators which make the problem less bad,
and tend to walk outside to talk.

It would not be usch a bad idea to make a vibrator mandatory in every
cellular phone sold imho. The small extra price would not be an

I also think that some extension to the cellular services to include the
enforcement of 'no talk' zones marked by local small code beacons or such
in hospitals etc would be a good idea. In this way, it would be possible
to even equip medical and other systems with a 'no cellular' beacon so it
turns any nearby phone off the air by itself. Some coding &
cryptographical issues arise but I think that they can be overcome with
currently legal means. Maybe the current text messaging system can be
adapted for this (to send a crypted message to turn callout / answer
service off for a certain short amount of time).



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