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Thread: How to Stop cellular phones ?
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On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Sean Breheny wrote:

> Gee, I'm just wondering why a hospital would want to stop cell phones? My
> first guess was to prevent them from interfereing with sensitive medical
> equipment. If so, then any of the suggestions of jamming and sheilding
> wouldn't help things much.

;) I guess you can run about in a hospital using a cellular all the time
for about a year or so. Then, one day, you will stop someone's breather or
whatnot. But before that you will annoy a lot of people talking to
yourself under signs that say 'QUIET'. BTW an anti-cellular thingy would
be high on the wish lists of some other places too, such as public
libraries, restaurants and some bars. It could be quite a product.

My idea was to make an ARDF that locks on the strongest transmission
around and put a 50 Watt Parlight or strobe flasher on him/her using a
servo ;) I guess people would react REAL fast to that. It's not even hard
to do with the phasing method imho. 4 quarter lambda stubs poking out of
the light housing mounted on az/el servos and a 4-way PIN switch plus a
simple receiver and a PIC...



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