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Thread: Please Ignore Bounced Messages If ...
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On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Paul B. Webster VK2BZC wrote:

>   Just *what* quirk of psychosis, I must ask, makes people think that if
> something comes back as "not deliverable", they should *send it again*?

How else can you start a mail loop ? At least they are trying hard. Not
hard enough, yet, however. Sheesh.

>   Please - if something happens on your e-mail and you don't know why,
> ask someone who *knows what they are doing*!  (Variant of: RTFM)

You mean ask / announce on the list ? But they do ! They all post messages
to the list saying that their messages to the list are bouncing.

>   Remember the old comedy sketch when the comedian steps on the rake and
> the handle flips up and hits him in the face - then he staggers back,
> disoriented, recovers his senses, walks forward and steps on the rake
> again?

Yes, yes, yes, that's the idea. Learning by repetition. Then, of course,
there are those who get to really like it and keep up the practice on
other lists too. I know a few. I have also heard of people who do it in
real reality, with a real rake, they like it so much.

>   Debugging programs must be a fascinating experience as practiced by
> some - if we could only watch!

These guys are in the club with the motto 'bug fixing brings no revenue'.
This is an excuse for practicing the bouncing which they like so much,
of course.

Now, if you know who had the largest volume of postings to the list last
time counted, and know that each posting brings one or two bounces and has
been on for the last week or so, CAN YOU TELL WHY I AM GETTING REALLY



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