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Thread: Write voltage and MAX232
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On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Dmitry Kiryashov wrote:

> Hello Peter.
> What the way you put into limiting of maximal current through RA4 pin ?

The coil and the Ton on RA4 and the watchdog in the PIC ;)

> You may easy damage or overheat the PIC simply by overloading the RA4
> pin with current bigger than maximal current is allowed(according
> specs).  This is very important 'cause the coil save the current not the
> voltage.

If you had tried to test PICs to destruction like this to see what gives,
you would know that the main failure mode is by overheating in this case,
which may take a few days or more to do any damage... Of course I do not
endorse this but I did use a PTC instead of a fuse once, and put it in
contact with the chip body for such purposes.



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