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Thread: Write voltage and MAX232
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On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Dave VanHorn wrote:

> > > Handling the flyback pulse could be interesting as well. Can we spell
> > > CMOS latchup?
> > > I think that FET would be well advised.
> >
> > The OD PIC pin can switch a coil at 5V Vdd without the latchup becoming
> > dangerous (of course you use a zener or diode to limit it just in case).
> Is this specified, or just something that seems to work?

The RA4 pin can be raised to +12V without damage as far as I know. So, if
you connect a coil from +Vdd to RA4 and a Z10V8 from RA4 to GND you should
be reasonably safe. I am quite certain that the manufacturer never
intended this to be used like this but I did not ask him ;).



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