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Thread: Data on VCR?
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On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Radboud Verberne wrote:

> In the PDIF signal you have for each sample 16bits of audiodata and 16 bits
> of extra data (preamble, copy protectionbit, userbit etc.). So you come up

Nope protection etc is transmitted on the subchannels and in the headers,
the correct rate is 44.1k x 16 ~= 1.44 Mbps ~= 180 kBytes/sec

> But I was thinking to first encode it with MPEG1 layer 3. (See another mail
> in the list) So i get an enormous datareduction. Since the bandwith of a VCR
> is about 3Mhz it should be suitable for the job.  The most important thing

Think again. It's 1.5 MHz or so at a tolerable S/N.

> The audio has a bandwidth of about 15Khz and is perfect to store the
> Track/Album title using FSK...

imho, don't mix too many systems. You might spend a year or so evening out
the bugs... There is plenty of room for 32 characters in 10 minutes of
1.44 Mbps data stream.



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