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Thread: Wanted: schematic of (quartz) thermostat on the web
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 I'm trying to look at as many quartz oven schematics as I can, on the
web, and in books, as I'm making one and I'd like to avoid the hot water,
wheel, etc reinvention. Also a pointer to an electronic design book or two
with relevant chapters would help.

 I understand that if one does not use a thermistor one can rely on a
bandgap type self-regulating supply where its own Pd supplies the heat and
some of the junctions involved supply the reference.  Anyway this is the
direction I am headed for.




See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=schematic+quartz
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Subject (change) Wanted: schematic of (quartz) thermostat on the web

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