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Thread: Looking for information - telemarketing rejection
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On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Eric Smith wrote:

> I haven't figured out how to suppress the first ring, without actually
> disconnecting the phones from the line.  I know it's possible; I used to
> have a little box with a switch that did exactly that.  Any suggestions
> will be welcome; analog stuff is not my forte.

The simplest device that will do that, is a series resistor followed by
two 56V zeners in anti-series shunting the line to the phone. For some
modern phones this is not enough, so you need to add a rectifier bridge
after this, and caps to bypass audio on 2 diodes. The second method is
polarity dependent and sometimes you need to swap the leads for certain
phones and faxes. The resistor is supposed to drop 50 mA at 60V. The
method may not work with some PBXes.

don't tell anyone that I said this and use at your own risk ;)



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