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On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Eric Schlaepfer wrote:

> Sigh...
> No, this is just not true. Contrary to popular opinion, viruses _cannot_ be
> activated by opening an email. Period. I'd like to see any virus try to get

a. There are viruses that exploit certain weaknesses of applications that
were not audited for online use. Most complex attachements are in this
category, which includes Word macro viruses and many other things. These
are very dangerous on click-happy people's computers because they
configure their apps to open automatically with the opening of the message
on certain OS (?) es. This mostly affects the Microsoft OS users whenever
there is a new detected bug in one of the many applications they use.

b. There are exploits that use certain weaknesses in OSs and MTAs to gain
shell access etc by causing buffer overruns in the kernel or in a binary
that runs with superuser privileges. This kind of attack is on the decline
because all the holes were plugged during the last 20 years or so of
online use of Unix.

> into my 'computer connection parts.' (Though I did hear of a virus that
> burned out MDA fixed frequency moniters by reprogramming the refresh rates
> on the MDA card.)

Me too. It's not a story. Lost a monitor to it ;( The flyback developed a
bulge on the side, after having been cooked for a few days and it was
quite dead.



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