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Thread: CMOS video camera modules
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On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Sean Breheny wrote:

> An aside question, here:
> If I wanted to make a low power TV transmitter to go with one of these
> standard 1v p-p video out CCDs, could I just amplitude modulate a video
> carrier freq. with the output of the camera and then send that? I assume
> that all of the sync signals, etc, are provided by the camera.

Tinkering with UHF and expecting results the first time over is not
realistic. Pick up a video + audio modulator from a defunct VCR (or as a
spare part) and power it as advertised. This and a whip stub antenna will
work over 10 feet or so and it's mostly legal everywhere. If you need
more, invest $60 and buy a video sender, also legal. On the illegal side,
you might soon want to join the oven microwave magnetron crowd ;)



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