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Thread: CMOS video camera modules
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On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Mike Keitz wrote:

> Regulations may have changed, but it used to be legal for a low-power
> (1000 W or less) TV transmitter to send simple AM with both sidebands.

Wish I was there ;) Don't even try to mention this to anyone in Europe or
here. ;)

> required suppression of the unwanted lower sideband is only about 20 dB
> if I remember correctly.

I don't know when this was coined, but nowadays you have to get 53 dB down
on the sound carrier of the next lowest channel. Channel spacing is 8MHz
and sound is at 5.5MHz here so you have 2.5MHz to get down there.  This
sounds easy but I'll be looking forward for your designs on how to do this
at 600MHz and above, and stay within consumer price range. Cable specs are
as bad or worse.

> >Steal a cheap modulator from an old video game and amplify the output
> >of that,
> >perhaps?
> Not too bad of an idea.  Some of these even have a VSB filter before the
> output.

Only those for band 1 and 2. BTW there was a RCA chip that used to do a
pretty good balanced modulator for this, and I think that the 1496 will
work up to 120 MHz.



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