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Thread: sin function
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On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Scott Dattalo wrote:

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 a reasonably bright idea has just struck me. I have been following this
thread for some time and I am familiar with the table method of generating
a sine (quarter wave stored).

 My idea is, that since the Bresenham circle algorythm exists, it is
possible to compute the 'next' value for a phase continuous sine wave
without storing any table and by obtaining results directly in integers
(no floats no lookups no nothing).

 Any single DTMF tone starts at phase 0. So, one can use the Bresenham
circle algorythm to approximate the 1st quarter wave of a sine. This
should replace the quarter sine table.

 Because of the way the Bresenham algorythms work it should be possible
to arrange for only an 8 bit accumulator to be necessary for calculations.

I have not pursued the idea further for now, but based on a paper sketch
it should work out on 8 bit unsigned for an output precision of 6 bits
(for each sine wave). How does this strike you ?



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