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On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Andy Kunz wrote:

> Do you have a schematic for this as well?  I think I'm missing something ...

Schematic to work with LM324/LM358:

+ Battery O-------------o/ o-------------O + Motor

- Battery O-*--------------------------*-O - Motor
           |                          |
           |                          |
           |                          |        1/4 LM324
           |                          |   |\
           |                          +---+ \
           |                              |  >--*-||-O Audio out
          ===                         +---- /   |
          GND 324                     |   |/    |
                                      |         |

The 324 receives power from somewhere else (can be +Battery). The output
should be pretty loud in any amp at 80A current. It may be necessary to
turn the direct feedback network into something else to obtain a low-pass
characteristic but the 324 is slow enough at 5V so as not to propagate

The output can be fed (through a volume pot) into the mike input of bug Tx
or directly into an amplifier (small guitar amp ?). Start out with a low

I once used a setup like this to hunt a rusted ground connection bolt in a
large machine so I know it works.

With some cunning you can take this signal and amplify and limit it to
synchronize a PLL that can drive a strobe. A median filter is a good idea
and the PLL can be a PIC. The output frequency is a whole multiple of the
RPM (usually number of coil armatures on rotor x RPM) and depends on the
type of motor.



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